Panther Martins In Action

How To Properly Catch & Release Fish

Panther Martin Lures Presents some tried and true methods in this video on how to properly catch and release fish.

Panther Martin Muskie MaraBuck

Dennis Isbister from WIld Fish, Wild Places TV reels in the muskie, pike & trout on the Panther Martin Muskie Marabuck.

How to Catch Trout on a Panther Martin

Mike Folkestad shows how to consistently catch trout with Panther Martin lures on Lake Amador, California.

Mike Folkestad shows how to Catch Smallmouth Bass on Panther Martin® Lures

Panther Martin® lures are well known for trout, but also do a great job catching smallmouth bass. 3 Time U.S. Champion Mike Folkestad shows you how to reel 'em in with the Panther Martin® Holographic and FishSeeUV™ Spinners.

Panther Martin FishSeeUV UltraViolet Spinners

Denis Isbister from Wild Fish Wild Places Television takes the new PantherMartin FishSeeUV spinners for a test in northern Nevada